The Crème de la Crème of Notary Services in 2022

Susan Kelly

Aug 17, 2022

When signing a contract, a way of ensuring validity is to determine whether the contract is in writing, check for signatures, and confirm notarization. A notary is a public or government official who is required to sign documents as a non-partisan party to confirm their authenticity. Some of the services for which a notary is required include affidavits, wills, powers of attorney, and property deeds.

The work of a notary rests on the power of a third-party witness. The notary acts as the independent witness, and they have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have no relationship with the borrower (first party)
  • Have no relationship with the lender (second/ other party)
  • Have no interest in the subject matter
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must reside in the state in which they hold their license
  • Have no felony history
  • In some states, such as California, notaries should undergo requisite training to be fully-fledged notaries.

Some notary services charge their own predetermined fee to notarize documents. In some areas, the government sets the fixed amount of money to be charged for notary services; the amount should not be exceeded.

Also, the law does not require notaries to give legal advice to their clients. In fact, it might be illegal to do so. Since all notaries are not lawyers, it would be jeopardizing to receive legal advice from them. They are required just to be signatories and nothing more.


Notarize took advantage of the name so that when you perform a Google search with the word ‘notarize’ as a verb, their website pops up as one of the first results. Notarize took pioneering in its stride by being the first platform to allow for online notarizations. Further, the website runs throughout, 24/7, which allows clients to notarize their documents legally.

The charges for notarization are $25 for a single document and $10 for the additional seal. Bulk pricings vary. Businesses that need bulk notarizations may visit the pricing page to determine the total cost.

The online process is simple, seamless, and convenient. You log in to the website and upload the necessary documents to verify your identity. You require a computer with a clear, working webcam; a phone will also suffice. After successful validation, you are connected with a public notary via a live web call.

The notary will need to reconfirm your identity, and the signing process begins. Your notarized document can be sent to you via email, or it can be delivered to the address you have submitted. The e-document has been signed electronically and is valid and legal. The process takes less than 15 minutes.

The statistics behind Notarize are mind-blowing. It experienced a 600% growth in 2020, mostly because the pandemic limited traditional notarization to online.

Unfortunately, Notarize is unavailable in all states and does not deal with mortgage-related cases on Sundays.


OneNotary is a new kid on the block but has done itself well to develop effective solutions that set it on top of the notarization game. It offers online services within 15 minutes. It is available in all 50 states. It charges $25 for a single online notarization with one notary certificate. Any additional certificate requires $6 more.

The pricing for business notarization starts at $57 per month, with at least five free notarizations monthly. $117 gets you ten free notarizations monthly.

The process for online notarization in OneNotary is as follows:

  • View the schedule and select the available and most convenient time for your notarization session.
  • You will receive an email invitation link and upload the required document that should be notarized.
  • Fill in the required identification queries.
  • Acquaint yourself with your online notary and begin the session.
  • Your notarization is a success, and you can download the notarized documents.


With over one million online notarizations and outstanding customer satisfaction of 99.8%, NotaryCam operates successfully in all 50 US states and over 145 countries.

The process is simple. You upload your document on the website, connect to a live notary, and begin validating your identity. Once this is successful, your notarized document is ready and can be downloaded.

NotaryCam uses SSL encryption for security purposes and Amazon’s secured platform, Virtual Private Cloud. It has won various awards for its buffed-up security. In 2015, NotaryCam was the MVP Security Award Winner.

NotaryCam has notarized for popular brands in the industry, such as DHL and Dow Jones. It charges $79 for notarizations outside of the US and $25 if you are in the US. Bulk notarizations (more than ten documents) incur a discount from NotaryCam to support small and medium-sized businesses.

The best thing about NotaryCam is that it allows multiple signers from different locations.

Nexsys Technologies

Nexsys Technologies prides itself on being real estate’s fintech future. It encompasses finance and technology to provide sustainable solutions. It saves clients the hassle of having piles of files, unending meetings with sellers and other burdening formalities.

Clear Sign, a platform under Nexsys Technologies, connects clients with online notaries. That way, closing mortgage deals is done fast and seamlessly. There is a reduced risk of errors. Clear Sign mostly deals with digital signing, ensuring it is safe, secure and convenient. It provides three signing options for its clients:

  • Hybrid – all parties (signer and notary) meet physically to sign both hardcopy and softcopy documents.
  • In-Person Electronic – both parties, meet online to sign documents.
  • Remote Online Notarization (RON) – the documents are digitally signed but from remote locations.

Nexsys provides smart solutions for clients, lenders, and notaries. Post-closing audit trails and the reduced chance of making mistakes ensure all users are satisfied with its products.

The first thing to check is security for all notarization services, especially online options. Most online notary services have incorporated high-level security features and checks, including two-factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA), data protection, and encryption. This will require the help of third-party companies, such as Amazon.

Notarization deals with highly sensitive information, and moving forward, with the rise of the dark web and cybercrimes, the best online notary services need to be secure.

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