School of Real Estate Online: The Best of the Best

Susan Kelly

Jul 13, 2022

Courses for real estate agents and brokers in different states may be taken online at numerous online real estate schools. In many cases, these colleges offer online lessons that may be completed from the comfort of your own home or even on your mobile device. Real estate schools often offer pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses. Students may choose from various formats and teaching methods at the finest online real estate colleges.

What is a Real Estate School Online?

To get the most out of your real estate career, consider enrolling in classes at an online real estate school. Before you may sit for the licensure exam, you must complete the pre-licensing course prerequisites. Schools may also offer preparation lessons for the exam because retaking the exam is both time-consuming as well as expensive.

What Is the Price of an Online Real Estate Degree?

The cost of attending a real estate school varies depending on where you reside, the sort of course you take, and the various advantages that come with it. You'll save money on pre-licensing work if you take online classes. A live instructor-led session can cost up to $1,000, whereas an e-textbook-only program can cost as little as $100 to $300. Special designations that meet CE requirements might go as high as several hundred dollars for programs that start at $15.

How Long Does Online RE School Take?

Pre-licensing courses can range from 60 to 168 credit hours, depending on the state. For example, if your program has you attend nine classes each week for five weeks, you'll have to put in the required number of hours in each of those classes. An in-person real estate course, on the other hand, may last months, as per Real Estate Express. It is possible to satisfy the pre-licensing hour requirement in an online course. Still, you can accelerate or decelerate the calendar days of completion to suit your needs.

Agents and Brokers: What's the Difference?

One of the most important distinctions between an agent and a broker is the level of management involved. Buyer and seller agents can operate together, but they must be overseen by brokers who own and manage real estate offices. By negotiating, organizing, and managing real estate deals, brokers can handle some of the more technical aspects of the process. Brokers can run their firms, hire their staff, or work directly with clients (or both). Some states have a different meaning for the term "broker."

2022's Best Online Real Estate Programs

The CE Shop

Many other pre-licensing, pre-exam, and post-licensing programs are available at the CE Shop. Content is available in all 50 states, while class types such as post-licensing are available in certain states but not all. Those who teach this course are longtime real estate professionals.

As an ARELLO-accredited provider of continuing education, The CE Shop's courses are available all across the country, with some variations in content depending on the state. Multi-state packages for real estate brokers are available, and courses can be taken at any time of the day or night. Students can also customize their bundles.

Real Estate Express

Since Real Estate Express has had more than 520,000 students complete their pre-licensing courses and routinely offers discounts to enroll, we decided to utilize them as our runner-up. Real Estate Express is designed for people with little or no business experience, making it ideal for novices. In the states we reviewed, their pre-licensing courses ranged from 40 to 90 hours in length, and the fees vary depending on the state. An introductory course costs as little as $103.20.

For students, they get access to a vast collection of information, as well as a live Q&''A session with real estate experts. Everything you need to know about becoming a real estate broker or agent, as well as what it's like working in the industry, will be covered in this course.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

There's a good chance you've used or taken a Kaplan study guide for the SAT, ACT, or AP exams. Although they claim to be the finest in all test prep areas, they also provide real estate education. With its broad reputation, online and in-person options, and vast test bank, Kaplan Real Estate Education was our top pick. Having life (industry expert) classes available in some states was an added plus for me.

A variety of options are available when it comes to the course's construction. To connect with your fellow students online in a structured lecture format known as "Life Online," you can enroll in one of these courses, but the "Home Study" option lets you choose your own pace for learning. Alternatively, you may use their OnDemand system, which lets you catch up on missed classes.

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